In LCC International University, Klaipėda, Lithuania, second year International Relations and Development Program students are doing a research project, which aims to investigate the root causes , which influence migrant to return. The group, Elene Tsaadze, Taka Demetradze, Justė Dvarionatė and Ieva Ivinskytė, focusses on the incentives of Lithuanian and Georgian migrants. The students are using pilot survey, social media and media analysis as the means to determine the incentives/deterrants. Mentioned people are participating in a campaign called “Story in My Eyes”, which takes place in LCC University at Klaipeda, Lithuania. This campaign is financed by the donors and couple of events was set during it. Campaign contains activities for people to be involved in the process. Also, 1st of December is the day when participants will present their work to the audience and conclude their work according to analysis and surveys they did throughout the process. They have not rejected the hypotheses which state that age, Social bonds in home/host states, Home country migration policies, Home country migration policies, Respondent’s religiosity make a difference in the decision making of migrants to return. They will continue their research in the Spring 2018 by adding survey/questionairre analysis, which will extend the depth of their project.